Case Studies

How Dylan's Wings of Change took an in-depth look at their social media presence, focusing their concerns for students' emotional health especially during a pandemic.
How the Sikh Community utilized digital tools to build awareness for their religion's core values, giving Sikh's the resources and inspiration to share their faith with non-Sikhs.
How we utilized social media and digital storytelling to celebrate the positive impact of diamonds.
To ignite in the hearts of Americans a sense of obligation to protect and preserve the freedoms we’ve inherited, and to help them recognize that we are stewards of an “inestimable jewel.”
How the Diocese of Lansing took an in-depth look at their social media presence amidst a global pandemic.
The Diocese of Brooklyn launched a campaign to educate Catholics in Brooklyn and Queens to raise awareness about the priesthood as a calling and to increase enrollment in seminary for priesthood.
How CAPP-USA utilized social media to inform Catholics in key industries about Catholic Social Teaching and its application to real life topics.
The AFC utilized social media to foster family relationships with the Catholic Faith.
How the CMN utilized social media to obtain signatures from Catholics for a pledge to help end the death penalty.

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