“I need a plan for how to connect with
the audience I want to reach.”

Our LiFT program can take many forms. But it all begins with YOUR goals:

You tell us what sort of services you are looking for in any amount of detail you’re willing to share.

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We believe that the best way to take your digital presence to the next level is through an exciting opportunity uncovered through research. Fill out this brief, and we will get to work researching your current digital presence, your competition, and the audience you want to reach. This takes 4 weeks and ends in pages of insights (often over 60) that wows your stakeholders.

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Now that we’ve learned about you, your competition, and the audience you want to reach, we get to work on designing the perfect Connection Plan. This takes 4 weeks and at the end of this effort you have the following:

  • Your Custom Customer Journey Funnel focused on your goals and within your budget
  • A List of Potential Tactics to accomplish your goals
  • A Comprehensive Promotion Plan that explains how much money to spend, for which channels, at which times, in order to accomplish your goals
  • A Toolbox of digital tools needed to accomplish your goals



"I am looking for full funnel results centered around desire and action."


"I am looking for the top of the funnel results centered around awareness and interest."

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