"I am looking for the top of the funnel results
centered around awareness and interest."

Having the right communities aware of and interested in your purpose driven organization is the necessary precondition for accomplishing anything meaningful. If the right communities don’t know who you are and the good you are accomplishing how can they help? Social media has leveled the playing field for all purpose driven organizations. You really can become known to anyone, anywhere. The goal is to intentionally show up in the news feeds that matter to you. We’ll help you get the right message in the right newsfeed at the right time with our Plunge Program.


How the Sikh Community utilized digital tools to build awareness for their religion's core values, giving Sikh's the resources and inspiration to share their faith with non-Sikhs.
How we utilized social media and digital storytelling to celebrate the positive impact of diamonds.
The Diocese of Brooklyn launched a campaign to educate Catholics in Brooklyn and Queens to raise awareness about the priesthood as a calling and to increase enrollment in seminary for priesthood.
The AFC utilized social media to foster family relationships with the Catholic Faith.


“I am looking to complete one or two specific tactics.”


"I am looking for full funnel results centered around desire and action."

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