National Sikh Campaign

How the Sikh Community utilized digital tools to build awareness for their religion's core values, giving Sikh's the resources and inspiration to share their faith with non-Sikhs.

Program Highlights

  • Reached 4.7 million people on Facebook and had over 118k impressions on Twitter.
  • Grew their owned audience by over 13k in the key demographic NSC desired, namely 18-35 year old Sikh Americans.
  • Obtained over 310k post engagements on Facebook, 3k on Twitter, and 1k on Instagram.
  • Received over 1 million video views on the two key videos we created.

The Opportunity

Sixty percent of Americans admit to knowing nothing about Sikh Americans; consequently, knowledge about Sikhs is substantially lower than other minority groups in the United States. Only 11% of Americans say they have a close friend or acquaintance who is a Sikh person at all.

The Vision

We set out to grow a Facebook audience of young Sikh Americans who engage with the content. Our audience should feel encouraged in their faith and taught how to effectively express that faith to non-Sikhs both in their communities and the wider public.

Our vision for the content we created fell into the following three categories::

  • We are Sikh Americans – Content that highlights core Sikh values.
  • Community Service – Communicate that a central tenet of Sikhism is opening their doors and hearts to all people, regardless of sex, religion, or background.
  • History of Sikh Americans – A look back through graphics and interesting articles on how closely aligned Sikh and American values are through the lens of Sikhs first arriving in America through the present.

Sikh Americans: Who We Are

We created an anchor video that sought to tell the story of the Sikh community in America told with and through their own words and experiences. Many Americans know next-to-nothing of Sikhism. They would be surprised to hear that two of the core values of Sikhism, justice and equality, align with those the U.S. holds most dear.

The goal of the video was to communicate the history and contributions of Sikhs in America, as well as their strong beliefs in gender, racial, and social equality. It also set out to demystify the confusion that surrounds the Turban and clarify its connection to the Sikh religion. Finally, create awareness of shared principles between Sikhism and American values.

Here was the final product:

Sikhism in the United States

We also created a research-driven, 90-second motion graphics video designed to inform and empower Sikh communities in the U.S. about the level of understanding that average Americans have concerning Sikhism. We curated a mix of hard-hitting, easy-to-digest data points and combined them with an animated, emotional narrative that conveys a real connection with the everyday American.

The following was the final product:

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