Meet Joe

Joe Szalkiewicz is the President of Yellow Line Digital, the digital marketing agency he co-founded in 2012. Joe is a successful entrepreneur who has started, scaled, and exited a number of ventures. Joe has helped several diverse consumer and cause-driven brands find quantifiable returns for their digital marketing investments. He lives in Vista, CA with his family and is an avid mountain hiker and runner.

Joe Szalkiewicz

President & Senior Analyst

Meet Matt

Matt’s background in film making has strengthened his storytelling craft. His attention to detail and insightful eye contribute to the success of each campaign he works on. Matt has an amazing ability to beautifully capture the big picture and client goals, yet does so without sacrificing the small details and intricacies that make up communication on social media. He currently oversees the strategic direction for all Yellow Line projects and manages a great team of managers and associates. He resides with his wife and children in San Diego, CA.

Matt Connors

VP of Services & Senior Analyst

Meet Briana

Briana has been with Yellow Line Digital for five years. She created and developed the Promotion Department at Yellow Line to help the Core Service team achieve their KPI goals across all clients. She has a passion for escape rooms, board games, and her friends and family. Briana lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and can often be found at her local Starbucks.

Briana Maggio

Director of Promotion & Senior Analyst

Meet Evan

Evan manages, maintains, and builds the creative network at Yellow Line. In addition, he manages projects by assuring budgets and timelines are met. Evan’s background in the creative industry means that creative asset production and management is being produced to the highest standard. He has a unique combination of creative ability and process development that makes him an amazing asset to our team. He lives in San Diego, CA.

Evan Shechet

Creative Manager

Meet Rachel

Rachel has extensive experience developing and executing social media strategy for celebrities, lifestyle brands, and nonprofits. She has an amazing skill of turning a client’s vision into reality and a strong passion for creating engaging content. Rachel lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Rachel Wolf


Meet Kyle

Kyle has been with Yellow Line since 2017. His attention to detail bore much fruit in sales and operations, which allowed him to develop documentation and processes that are followed to this day. After high school, Kyle spent two years as a missionary in the U.S.A.. The interpersonal communication skills he developed helped him create and maintain lasting client relationships all around the country. He became Yellow Line’s first Client Advocate in the Fall 2019. Kyle lives in New Orleans, LA, and loves connecting with people.

Kyle Lavin

Client Advocate

Meet Nicole

Nicole is one of Yellow Line’s account managers that specializes with our legal clients. Her background in the legal field enables her to turn complex information into creative, thought-provoking content. She is able to create complex content that interests the legal community. At the same time, she can make that content easily consumable for the everyday person to stay informed and current with those legal issues. Nicole lives in San Diego, CA with her husband and daughter.

Nicole Blazie

Account Manager

Meet Meg

Meg originally used her passion for storytelling in film editing, piecing together cohesive storylines through video. She has transferred that passion into social media by piecing together stories for brands and causes through thought-provoking social media content. She works diligently to move a strategic plan into executable elements that help clients reach their desired KPIs. She splits her time between Kansas City and Lake Tahoe and loves local coffee shops and road trips.

Meg Jacobus

Account Manager

Meet Sophia

Sophia played an integral role in the development of the Promotion Department and is our leading expert in obtaining all political certifications across channels on behalf of our clients. Sophia has developed a strong knowledge of promotion strategy that generates strong metrics. Sophia expertly tracks trends on these constantly changing platforms. Sophia lives in Charlotte, NC and loves photography and the culinary arts.

Sophia Sullivan

Promotion Manager

Meet Grace

Grace is our lead account associate at YLD. From community management to graphic design to copy editing, her primary role is to serve and innovate on all of our accounts in any way necessary. Her strong attention to detail, eye for brand aesthetic, and heart for story allow her to capture the core of any account in even the smallest of matters. Although Grace currently resides in San Diego, she is a wholesome Midwestern girl at heart and is loyal to her roots in Branson, MO.

Grace Tamburro

Senior Associate

Meet JP

JP is a driven member of the promotion department. He is experienced in analyzing promotional data to improve engagement results and reach targeted audiences. JP lives in Carlsbad, California, and in his free time, likes to surf and produce music under the artist name JP Anthony.

JP Poirier

Promotion Associate

Meet Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn is our jack of all trades in the creative department. From graphic and web design, to video editing and post making, any creative task she will take it on. Her eye for design, editing skills, and love for all things visual, allow her to make unique and stylish products for clients, no matter the size. Kaitlyn is originally from Toronto, Canada but currently resides in Vista, California.

Kaitlyn Krikorian

Creative Associate

Meet Emma

Emma started as a copy editing intern at Yellow Line and quickly transitioned into an associate of all trades. Her background in communication and professional writing has elevated the team’s storytelling abilities to the next level by grooming each word of the client’s narrative. While Emma is still Yellow Line’s main copy editor, she has trained to become a research and content marketing associate that executes everything from data analysis to curating blog articles.  She lives in Orange County, CA and is obsessed with whales (Orcas if she HAD to pick a favorite).

Emma Kumamoto


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