Meet Catalina

As the Creative Specialist, Catalina offers her skills in visual arts and marketing to uplift the missions of all our clients through art and beauty. After studying Media Communications in Southern California, she returned home to Arizona where she now dedicates her time mastering her passion for classical drawing, animation, and graphic design. Catalina believes that no detail is too small and strives to make that clear in her work.

Catalina Rojas

Creative Specialist

Meet David

David has been working in SEO for over 17 years specializing in producing great search-friendly content that speaks to the customer. He is an innovative problem solver with an ability to apply strategic thinking to content-driven projects. He currently resides in Northern Colorado with his wife and 4 children coaching competitive soccer on the side.

David Whitworth

SEO Specialist

Meet Gabriel

As head of the revenue department, Gabriel understands how to shift focus between strategic vision and data-driven decision-making. He brings his unique perspective to the team by presenting unconventional, yet effective tactics to lead and win. Gabriel lives in California with his wife and two daughters.

Gabriel Geagea

VP of Strategy & Growth

Meet Gabriella

Gabriella comes from an extensive nonprofit background, with projects that span from contributing to COVID campaigns in developing nations to showcasing the lives of Middle Eastern Christians. Through her expertise, she excels in captivating individuals and communities through compelling narratives. Gabriella has been lucky enough to travel for work and has spent time on the ground throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. While currently residing in London, she can frequently be found taking train journeys to discover new towns across the UK.

Gabriella Miller


Meet Gemma

As the Promotions Associate, I work closely with the Promotions Specialist to make sure that our clients' needs are met. I studying creative entrepreneurship in Escondido and have a good standing in theology and philosophy. I am constantly seeking truth and that is why I have a passion for analyzing ad data.

Gemma Ramirez

Promotions Associate

Meet Isabel

As an Account Associate, Isabel assists in creating digital content and managing social channels for clients. She is also the Marketing Manager, overseeing Yellow Line's digital and social content. Her background in the liberal arts translates well to creating compelling content amidst the noise of the digital sphere. She is currently based in London, UK, where she recently completed an MA in the History of Art.

Isabel Nguyen

Account Associate &
Marketing Manager

Meet Joe

Joe Szalkiewicz is the President of Yellow Line Digital, the digital marketing agency he co-founded in 2012. Joe is a successful entrepreneur who has started, scaled, and exited a number of ventures. Joe has helped several diverse consumer and cause-driven brands find quantifiable returns for their digital marketing investments. He lives in Vista, CA with his family and is an avid mountaineer and runner.

Joe Szalkiewicz

President & Senior Analyst

Meet Kieu Anh

As a Creative Associate, Kieu Anh works with the Creative Team to execute the visions of YLD’s clients by designing engaging digital content. She is also a student at the University of Notre Dame, majoring in Liberal Studies and Studio Art with a minor in Constitutional Law. She loves engaging in conversations about philosophy, theology, and literature. In her free time, she indulges in reading large novels and testing unconventional dessert recipes.

Kieu Anh
Nguyen Le

Creative Associate

Meet Kristen

As an Account Manager, Kristen brings together a wide range of experience to support clients in every facet. Her background encompasses writing, psychology, film, music, philosophy, theology, and business. She is excited to support the Yellow Line Digital team in order to bring quality, meaningful content to clients. Kristen lives in San Diego and spends her time worrying about how to fit all her books into one room.

Kristen Lavan

Account Manager

Meet Matt

Matt’s background in film making has strengthened his storytelling craft. His attention to detail and insightful eye contribute to the success of each campaign he works on. Matt has an amazing ability to beautifully capture the big picture and client goals, yet does so without sacrificing the small details and intricacies that make up communication on social media. He currently oversees the strategic direction for all Yellow Line projects and manages a great team of managers and associates. He resides with his wife and children in Montclair, CA.

Matt Connors

VP of Services & Strategist

Meet Meg

Meg originally used her passion for storytelling in film editing, piecing together cohesive storylines through video. She has transferred that passion into social media by piecing together stories for brands and causes through thought-provoking social media content. She works diligently to move a strategic plan into executable elements that help clients reach their desired KPIs. She splits her time between Kansas City and Lake Tahoe and loves local coffee shops and road trips.

Meg Jacobus

Account Manager

Meet Marcellino

Marcellino is based in San Diego and serves as the dedicated assistant to the Vice President of Operations. With exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail, Marcellino supports seamless operations and ensures timely project completion. Proactive and analytical, Marcellino tracks project deadlines and contributes to the overall efficiency of the department.

Marcellino Alvarado

Operations Associate

Meet Nicole

Nicole specializes in legal, cause-based, and political clients. Her background in the legal field enables her to turn complex information into creative, thought-provoking content. Not only can she create content that resonates with the community interested in law and politics, but, at the same time, she can make that content easily consumable for those passionate about social issues, cultural values, news, and for the everyday person trying to stay informed about those issues without investing huge amounts of effort. Nicole lives in San Diego, CA with her husband and daughter.

Nicole Blazie


Meet Sophia

Sophia has a background in social media management and nonprofit outreach, and enjoys the creativity and complexity of digital advertising. Her passion for making the world a better place keeps her firmly in nonprofit work, advocating for organizations that defend the truth. She splits her extra time between studying advertising, freelance journalism, and singing and songwriting. When school is out, the train to Los Angeles brings her home to family.

Sophia Sariego

Promotions Associate

Meet Sophie

Sophie specializes in the intersection between creative media and ad buying. As the VP of Managed Services, Sophie leads the creative and paid media teams with her expertise in visual storytelling and strategic data analysis to achieve excellent paid campaign results. Sophie resides in Charlotte, NC, with her cat and her husband.

Sophie Sullivan

VP of Managed Services

Meet Tara

Since high school, Tara has been a little bit OCD about grammar and punctuation, and she wields that tendency like a scalpel in her role as the Copy Editor for Yellow Line Digital. She values the opportunity to make truth, beauty, and goodness shine by ensuring clarity and precision in copy. Her background is in writing everything from educational multimedia programs to movie musicals. Tara is a consecrated virgin in the Diocese of Colorado Springs.

Tara Stone

Copy Editor

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