Pioneer Institute

How Pioneer Institute broadened the digital awareness of parents across the United States of antiquated school choice laws.

Program Highlights

  • Over 5.04M parents reached in the United States.
  • Over 77k engagements of parents discussing the educational choices they have/had for their children.
  • Obtained 1.1M video views of the Big Sacrifices, Big Dreams Documentary and over 500k views of three key trailers.
  • Powerful and meaningful conversations and engagement was the cornerstone of success for this program.

The Opportunity

The Pioneer Institute came to YLD with a 30-minute documentary film that showcased families across the US who were struggling to provide a quality education for their children because of outdated laws. Over the course of a 9-month campaign, we sought to discover what the current conversational landscape regarding school choice was, to encourage meaningful engagement on the topic, to build and test new audiences, & to create excitement and awareness about the release of the documentary: Big Sacrifices, Big Dreams.

The Strategy

Based on our research, we chose four main audiences to target with our content. Each audience had a base of parents with grade school children or younger. We categorized those parents into four main groups: Catholic Parents, Christian/Protestant Parents, Parents living in poorly performing school districts, and Parents living in states with Blaine Amendments. With these audiences in mind, we sought to ensure that every post we created highlighted the parent as the hero.

Key Insights

One of our key findings early into the campaign was the importance of utilizing questions. We wanted to generate an honest conversation on how parents felt about school choice. We obtained over 3,000 comments that debated both sides of the issue. There were countless comments from parents who sacrificed a lot to give their children a private or religious school education. There were also many comments from parents who chose a public schooling option and those who decided to home school. What we strove to accomplish in this conversation was to establish that parents know what is best for their children, especially when it comes to their education. 

The Pioneer Institute set a goal of 500,000 views of their documentary. Yellow Line Digital got them over 1,000,000 views! We are proud to have a role in amplifying this issue in the digital sphere and generating honest conversation from both sides.

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