OSV Kids

YLD helped amplify OSV kids' wonderful mission to assist parents of small children to pass on a vibrant and lively Catholic faith through their monthly magazine.

The Opportunity

There is so much noise online, especially in the form of mixed messages targeting kids. Amidst all this confusing cacophony, Catholic parents need resources to help them pass their faith onto their children. They yearn for materials specifically designed with small children in mind. OSV Kids, a monthly magazine, offers fun and engaging activities to make the Catholic faith come alive for children and parents.

OSV Kids is an authentic Catholic brand, created by parents for parents, that more than meets the hopes of the audience. OSV Kids is a beautiful product; what’s missing is awareness!

The Strategy

We conducted in-depth interviews to understand audience sentiment and found that 100% of our interviewees loved the magazine even when exposed to just a few pages. OSV Kids is already an awesome product; the next step is to bring awareness to it on the right channels with the right content. 

Our strategy was a combination of influencer outreach, organic content, and ads on social media that messaged the world’s growing influence among children but also reminded parents that children don’t have to lose their faith if they engage with it early and in an interactive way.

Our research found a lack of competitors in the digital space pushing a magazine of this sort, and even secular children’s magazines presented themselves poorly. In addition, magazines often repost what’s in the magazine rather than supporting content, such as real customers using it and its impact, paving the way for OSV Kids to own this niche.

The Results

Over a three-month period, OSV Kids gained a significant increase in its audience size. It enjoyed a great jumpstart to its new presence on Facebook and Pinterest. Its Instagram following also grew by 50%. Its following now consists mostly of older moms on Facebook and younger moms and women on Instagram a great position to be in!

Furthermore, OSV Kids well exceeded its impressions goal, garnering 386,690 impressions across the three platforms, and discovered effective content categories to continue using. It now has the momentum to build on as it further expands and refines its content.


Yellow Line Digital is proud to have worked with OSV Kids to relaunch them on digital channels. With our guidance, they now know what content to focus on, how ads shape their presence, and the importance of data collection to inform their strategy.

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