Apostolate for Family Consecration

The AFC utilized social media to foster family relationships with the Catholic Faith.

Program Highlights

  • Over 20 million people reached with positive Catholic, family-centered  content.
  • Over 2 million engagements with several viral posts.
  • Grew the Facebook audience by
  • 80k Fans. Grew the Instagram audience organically by 3.1k Fans.
  • Over 25k landing page views on the AFC website and supporting content.
  • High-quality supporting content, including video cut downs and infographics highlighting AFC spirituality.

The Opportunity

47% of Catholic parents are unaware of Catholic media and 5% said they dislike most offerings from Catholic media. (Source)

The Vision

To inspire Catholic families to consecrate themselves and their families to Jesus, attend AFC events, adopt AFC spirituality, and greatly rely on AFC resources.

AFC’s mission is family consecration and the support of parents. Since 1975, AFC has built a powerful toolkit formed in the Truth, and a fervent community that strengthens the everyday faith of parents and children in an increasingly hostile world. We highlighted:

  • Events at Catholic Familyland and across the country geared toward the family.
  • Social media content.
  • Bring Holiness Home Online Portal housing dozens of resources for families growing closer to Christ.

Audience is Everything

Throughout our work with AFC, we actively sought to target two specific demographics:

  • Catholic Parents, 20-55, living in the U.S., active in their faith, primarily with young children, looking for deeper family spirituality.
  • Young Catholics, 16-29, living in the U.S., interested in deepening and sharing their faith with others beyond their family.

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