Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston

YLD's powerful research method uncovers and leverages Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston's strong brand identity.

Imagine if you could talk to members of your audience and find out exactly who they are and what they think of your brand and digital presence. No guesswork involved, just direct conversation and answers. That’s exactly how our IDIs work.

It’s all about the audience persona!

A distinct feature of our Digital Health Check research is our In-depth Interviews (IDIs). Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston was one the recent winners of our Health Check grant and we performed IDIs on members of their audience: Boston locals who were familiar with Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston and donate regularly to nonprofit organizations. Through the power of the IDIs, we tapped into the huge strength of the brand identity that was previously sitting dormant.

How the process works

  1. We carefully craft questions that help us to uncover how your digital presence can be optimized. 
  1. We set search criteria to find and select qualified members of your audience to interview. 
  1. We conduct hour-long, in-depth interviews with each person, analyze what we find, and relay the information to you. 

What the IDIs uncovered

Our IDIs with the Bostonians uncovered just how strong Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston’s brand identity was and informed us of how it can be leveraged. 

One of the key findings of our interviews was that people donate to Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston because of their past, personal experiences with it – their fondness for it connects them to the cause. Importantly, two people said they would donate to Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston if only they saw its presence online! Through the IDIs, we discovered just how willing people are to donate if asked in the right way.

Hear what our client says of our work:

“Simply put, Yellow Line Digital does excellent work. It is easy to see that this agency takes tremendous pride in its craft. Their research was very thorough, and also thoughtfully presented. My team came away from the engagement with an actionable deliverable that has been a valuable guide for upcoming fiscal year planning. They were also very communicative and a pleasure to work with at every step.”

-Scott Siegler, Associate Director, Marketing & Communications, Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston

The power of the IDI is part of what makes our Digital Health Check such a foundational and vital service. We are proud to serve Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston with our grant program. If you are interested in applying for the Digital Health Check Grant for your purpose-driven organization, please click here.

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