The Archdiocese of Omaha

Yellow Line helps the Archdiocese of Omaha inspire Omaha Catholics aged 20-45 to a renewed and fervent practice of faith

The Opportunity

The Archdiocese of Omaha came to Yellow Line with the goal of inspiring and moving Omaha Catholics aged 20-45 to a renewed and fervent practice of faith. The Archdiocese wanted especially to reach Catholics who are “lukewarm” — practicing but not truly engaged. These Catholics think that the Church does good work but presents a distant and outdated image. Our work is to turn these lukewarm Catholics into missionary disciples.

The Strategy

The Archdiocese did not want their voice to be flat, presentational, and institutional like every other church’s Instagram with just posts of saints of the day. Our strategy was to release a new, branded campaign on social and digital channels to send the message to Omaha Catholics that the Church will upgrade its communications content in order to renew interest in Catholic teaching and lifestyle.

Yellow Line Digital provided the Archdiocese of Omaha with a Connection Plan and the training to execute it. With new graphics, voice, and content type, the Archdiocese of Omaha’s social media is now bold, open, honest, and addresses aspects of Catholicism that others don’t. We especially recommended using short-form content such as Instagram Reels and TikTok videos. Our research also revealed that Nebraskan pride is huge and Nebraskans LOVE seeing other Nebraskans on social media!

The Results

The numbers speak for themselves! Over the course of three months, Yellow Line Digital helped the the Archdiocese to achieve the following results on Instagram: 

2,643 Reels interactions, an increase of 591%.

1237 post interactions, an increase of 17.8%.

1823 accounts engaged, an increase of 306%. 

64.7K accounts reached, an increase of 324%. 

1107 total followers, an increase of 8.9%.  

80+% of the audience engaged are aged 20-45, the targeted age group.

Over the course of two months, Yellow Line Digital helped the Archdiocese to achieve the following results on TikTok: 

27.0K video views, an increase of 6,007.86%. 

904 profile views, an increase of +7,433.33%. 

1,733 likes, an increase of +11,453.33%. 

120 comments, an increase of  >999%.

81 shares, an increase of +1057.14%.

254 followers, net 227.


While Catholicism is still a core part of Nebraska, Omaha Catholics need the Church to take the lead. The Church is at a moment to shake things up. Now more than ever, the faithful need to be called on with clear voices and content to live and defend Church teachings. Catholics on social media who infuse faith into everyday life, creatively and authentically, can be formed to be marketers for the Church! It is up to the Church to use the communication tools available to effectively guide the faithful, and it is up to the audience to respond. Currently, this relationship has not been forged effectively on digital channels. Yellow Line Digital is changing that.

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