Drive Results for Your Cause

Many organizations are on social media because they “have to be.” But building a social media audience should not be a goal for its own sake. Social media should drive action, and action comes from emotionally invested and engaged fans.

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IGTV: An Era of Mobile Television

This changes the game as it allows influencers, marketers and organizations endless opportunities to deepen their relationship with clients and showcase their stories by creating a personal connection with viewers.

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Social ROI (Part 2)

For most companies, though, the customer journey is a long and winding road. Sometimes social can begin and finish the customer journey, but often it can’t.

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Social ROI (Part I)

Having so many options on what you can report on in terms of data sets makes it difficult to chose what to report. The answer turns out to be far simpler than the rats’ nest of analytics tools would lead you to believe.

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