The Lincoln Option

To ignite in the hearts of Americans a sense of obligation to protect and preserve the freedoms we’ve inherited, and to help them recognize that we are stewards of an “inestimable jewel.”

Program Highlights

  • Over 680k people reached within the state of Pennsylvania.
  • Over 40k engagements with engagement rate averaging 19% (well over the 3-5% norm).
  • Obtained 4k link clicks, primarily to the American Story podcast website. 
  • Powerful and meaningful conversations and engagement was the cornerstone of success for this program.

The Opportunity

Through extensive research, in-depth interviews and surveys of real Pennslyvanians, and a comprehensive social media health check, we uncovered one common theme: Division is the Greatest Threat!

  • Pennsylvanians think public servants best exemplify what it means to be American.
  • Pennsylvanians feel disconnected from America’s history, BUT they feel that Abraham Lincoln makes them proud to be American.
  • Pennsylvanians feel like politicians are out of touch and in it for themselves.

The Strategy

Fight the rise of identity politics by validating, with data, the dormant patriotism in Pennsylvania residents and appealing to that patriotism in order to build a collaborative political climate. 

On social media channels, promote the message that Pennsylvanians love their country and want it to remain one and indivisible so as to drive a high volume of positive engagement from Pennsylvanians.

Pennsylvanians admit a substantial amount of discouragement, but the majority maintain a strong love for America and a desire to see it united. The research will be the basis for new branded messaging and content that taps into an often un-polled patriotism, encouraging it and giving it a platform to speak.

Key Insights

  1. The love for everyday heroes, the interest in hearing their voices, and the prevailing mainstream conversation that seems to only further divide and segment calls for redefining the narrative. Respect and collaboration must be what PA residents are seeing and talking about. Without seeing people and prevailing tone change around them, many don’t have the energy or courage to change their tone and behavior.
  1. Pennsylvanians certainly love their country and want to see it united and thriving. The supportive engagement confirms an audience is there. Even older audiences engaged positively far more than the older audience that commented divisive attacks. There is a lot of momentum!
  1. Talking to Pennsylvanians about themselves worked. Huge engagement response!
  1. The divisive and negative responses to the post about past presidents further confirmed the need for a return to our roots and our history. People cannot agree on history.


Engagements clearly show a lot of support for this idea and its goals. Both positive comments and bickering comments coexisted, showing a lot of passion amongst Pennsylvanians. Comments also clearly showed that patriotism is alive and well in the state of Pennsylvania.

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