The Lincoln Option

Yellow Line Digital helps Pennsylvanians find the middle ground through storytelling with the Lincoln Option.

The Opportunity

Yellow Line Digital’s expertise in digital storytelling and focus on finding the middle ground were especially pertinent in our work with a prominent think tank on The Lincoln Option.

Given mainstream rhetoric’s extreme polarization, The Lincoln Option tapped into Pennsylvanians’ strong love for America in order to build the road toward unification.

Yellow Line’s efforts formed the basis for new branded messaging and content that called attention to an often un-polled patriotism, encouraging it and giving it a platform to speak.

The Strategy

We fought the rise of identity politics with data. Through the research we conducted, we validated the dormant patriotism in Pennsylvania residents. We then appealed to that patriotism in order to build a collaborative political climate.

It’s all about storytelling…

On our client’s social media channels, we promoted the message that Pennsylvanians love their country and want it to remain one and indivisible. Our target audience was Pennsylvanian adults, both liberals and conservatives, urban as well as rural residents, who are fed up with politics, divisiveness, and falsities.

Amidst all the negative noise on social channels and mainstream media, we sought to highlight everyday heroes and amplify their voices. Pennsylvanians are proud Americans with an interest in these stories. We sought to ignite in them a sense of patriotism and an obligation to be stewards of our nation.

As with any audience, storytelling is what effectively drives high volumes of positive engagement from Pennsylvanians.

The Results

We were ambitious in setting our goals.

Given our target audience, we set our Key Performance Indicators at 500,000 Reach and 20,000 Engagements on Facebook. This would result in a 4% Engagement Rate – a very high rate to achieve on this specific platform.

As ambitious as these KPIs were, we exceeded them:


Goal: 500,000 Result: 683,555


Goal: 20,000 Result: 131,858

Engagement Rate:

Goal: 4% Result: 19.29%

Simply stated, that huge engagement rate is far beyond what is typical, and we engaged A LOT of Pennsylvanians.

Our work in the Lincoln Option proves that patriotism exists, as captured through research and social response, and that real positive engagement is possible.

It also proves that Yellow Line Digital continues to serve purpose-driven organizations, true to our company ethos as storytellers and mediators of the middle ground.

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