Our Favorite Social Media Trends in 2022

The importance of authenticity, imperfections, and informality in social media trends for small businesses in 2022.

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The rise of TikTok has influenced a widespread movement towards short form video content, and audiences can’t get enough of it. No matter what industry you are in, you surely feel the pressure to keep up with the trends and feel overwhelmed by the need for video in today’s social media world. Thankfully, the current trends are in your favor! From selfie videos to animated gifs, brands are stepping away from impersonal professionalism into a presence that builds connection and engagement with their audience through imperfections and informality. Here are our favorite social media trends in 2022 and how they are PERFECT for any sized business!


If there is one thing we have learned in 2022, it’s that video is king! But do not fear! This doesn’t mean you need to hire a professional film team with highly skilled editors. All you need is a phone. Whether it’s a selfie video personally addressing the audience, cutdowns of a formal interview, or motion graphics that grab your attention — more and more brands are transitioning from highly polished video content to more spontaneous, raw, and intimate feeling content

Social media users love to connect with the people behind the curtain. Your video will bring value by educating, generating laughs, or being relatable and making someone feel less alone. Posting behind the scenes content, going live on social media, and using selfie videos as how-to guides or unboxing moments are GREAT ways to engage your audience! 

Perfectionism is out and reality is in. Don’t feel pressure to have a camera and lighting team following you around. A camera phone and natural light are all you need to make a splash on your social. But most importantly, make sure to make it fun!


Hot on the heels of video creation is gifs! Our eyes are attracted to movement, making gifs an effective way of getting your audience’s attention in the feed amidst all the noise. 

Whether you think of funny looping clips from tv shows, cutesy animations, or even JIF peanut butter (all depends on how you say it), gifs are an awesome creative tool to use. 

Due to their short length, the production time for gifs is closer to that of a static graphic than a piece of video content. That means cheaper production costs and quicker turnaround, whooo! Another bonus? While complex gifs can be made of motion graphics or live video, they can also be as simple as a pre-animated sticker on a graphic. They are another accessible creative tool for any budget that can spice up your social feed without the high cost and time of video editing.


The perfect complimentary content to personal, selfie style video? Content that makes us laugh! From grumpy cats to clever tweets, humor improves brand recognition and sentiment and connects the audience to the brand through relatability

Memes can be a great creative tool since they are often the least polished looking content out there, and people are more inclined to read it since the content is somewhat familiar to them already.

Just remember to use relevant memes for the best impact! Trending memes come and go so quickly nowadays. It can be hard to keep up and know what is relevant. But a quick Google search or asking an active social media user about this month’s trending memes can help you figure it out!


Many of us are used to a highly polished style on social media. We think we need professional photography, highly edited videos, and a business-like voice. Not in 2022. Successful content has shifted to favor authentic content that makes your brand stand out. An authentic voice can work for ANY industry, even the more serious ones. Audiences want to see real people, know your inside jokes, and hear you say what your competitors won’t. So, figure out the voice of your brand and be authentic. Make jokes, address the audience’s concerns, call out the competition, and just sound human.

So, what’s the takeaway?

Be authentic, have fun, film everything, and just find a nearby 20-year-old to help you stay on top of the social media trends.

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