Characteristics of a (Catholic) Social Media Manager

A good social media manager is hard to come by. One that embodies Yellow Line's values and culture is even rarer.

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What does it take to be a social media manager at Yellow Line Digital? Here is YLD’s list of traits for social media managers.

1. Prioritizer of truth, beauty, and goodness

First things first, a YLD social media manager is always seeking to increase the good stuff on social. This philosophy permeates through all the work we do, from the clients we choose to work with to the content we put out. It also touches aspects of our team culture, such as prayers we say as a team for each other, our clients, vendors, and all those who come into contact with our work.

2. Multitasking problem solver

This is one of the most defining characteristics of a social media manager. Each account comes with its own timeline, quirks, culture, audience, objectives, and so on. Clients come to us with unique problems that we have to solve. As we say around here, YLD is also pronounced “wild,” and a social media manager has to be able to hold down the fort.

3. Internet culture aficionado

At any second, a new meme may take the internet by storm, and a social media manager always keeps a finger on the pulse of the web. From meme references to new lingo to current news, the social media manager is well-versed in all the latest.

4. Detached internet culture aficionado

But isn’t this antithetical to being an aficionado, you ask? Well, no. In fact, some YLD team members do not have social media accounts for their own personal use. Shocking, yes, but while they recognize the power and potential of social media, they also know its limitations and shortfalls. Again, it’s truth, beauty, and goodness first, always. Good can’t exist on social media if it doesn’t exist IRL first. Social media should NOT consume anyone!

5. Amateur psychologist

In other words, a social media manager has to have an understanding of the human condition and what it means to be human. We all yearn for human connection, even and (especially) through a screen. A good social media manager knows how to strike at the heart of the human person, be it through reels, graphics, or copy.

A good social media manager is hard to come by. One that embodies YLD’s values and culture is even rarer. Luckily, we’ve got them here. 🙂

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