4 Things I Wish Clients Knew, from a Social Media Manager

Our goal is to help our clients' digital presences to thrive, and here is what we wish clients knew as we work together towards that goal!

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At Yellow Line, we are privileged to serve and work with our clients, whose work fulfills our mission to prioritize truth, beauty, and goodness on social media. Our goal is to help our clients’ digital presences to thrive, and here is what we wish clients knew as we work together towards that goal!

1. Don’t be afraid to test new things!

Sometimes, we want you to just trust us. We have new ideas that can take your organization to the next level. It is our job to keep providing those ideas. Granted, not every idea will work out, but in those cases, we will also learn from it and come up with something even better. Go on this testing adventure with us so we can continue to improve your content. We promise it’ll be worth the risk!

2. We are not offended by notes.

Please don’t be afraid to give me lots of notes! I want client feedback. I love client feedback! Clients know their brand and audience better than I do, so you can offer valuable insights that I may be missing. It is also our job to listen to your notes and to implement them. Notes don’t make me feel like I failed; they inspire me to make the best product that I can! Teamwork makes the dream work.

3. We need content from you.

As I said before, you know your brand and audience better than I do. As much as I try, it’s unlikely that I can get to know a brand as intimately as the client does. This means that we need as much content from you as you can provide: any kind of resource, information, photos, creative, or anything that we can repackage for content. We also need new content from you to create new, exciting content for your audience. It doesn’t have to be anything you’ve put effort into. Just toss us some resources, and we will make it work.

4. We fall in love with your organizations.

As with anything that you work on, you grow to love it and find the desire to support it. As a social media manager, working on your accounts is no different. By letting us into your company, often into the vulnerable parts, we get to learn about so many different organizations and the valuable services and products that you offer. Because of this knowledge and the time spent on your account, we genuinely love your organization and want to help you thrive in the digital world. So, this is just a reminder that we’re on your side and we’ve got your back!

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