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The Church and Social Media

In our time, social media rules nearly supreme over our attention. Where does the Church fit in? In this one-of-a-kind, first of its kind, social media report, we analyze how social media changed communication, the future of social media, churches and social media, Catholic influencers, the impact of SEO, artificial intelligence, and more!


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Can there be a Christian Social Media?

Catholicism is shrinking, diversifying, and its members growing distant. Here we cross-examine the changing landscape of social media communication, website and SEO trends, email behaviors, and emerging technologies, like A.I., with changes in what being a Catholic in America means. We uncover in-depth insights into how the Church can reclaim her place as a leading communicator by engaging the digital world.

We answer your communications questions:
Where do we spend our time?
What are the emerging personas in Catholic demographics?
How to increase engagement on social media?
Can we use social media to evangelize and bring people back to God and His Church?
Social media trends, insights, and what’s falling behind?
What is the true influence of influencers?
Where do artificial intelligence and augmented reality fit in?
This digital and social media report starts at the beginning and equips you to move forward into the noisy landscape of social connectivity so as to bring Christ to all its users.

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