Diamonds Do Good

How we utilized social media and digital storytelling to celebrate the positive impact of diamonds.

Program Highlights

  • Over 100 million impressions of positive diamond content.
  • Over 5 million engagements.
  • Over 500k clicks to articles on their website averaging 3 minutes time on page the time it takes to read an article! 

The Opportunity

78% of Americans are more likely to buy natural diamonds if they knew the positive impacts of the industry. Source

The Vision

Tell the authentic stories of natural diamonds doing good around the globe that resonate with consumers, instill trust, and deepen the intent to purchase.

The Diamond Empowerment Fund needed help getting millennials to recognize the positive impact that the diamond industry has on the communities they operate in and on the people who work for them. 

Yellow Line Digital grew a responsive, owned audience on social, amassed meaningful engagements, and directed a high volume of website traffic to articles affirming the industry’s positive impact. 

Audience is Everything

Diamonds Do Good began without a social media presence. We created Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest profiles and began filling a pipeline of owned audience members consuming larger content on the Diamonds Do Good website. Younger generations between 18 and 45, being at the threshold of marriage, became the concentration of efforts that took DDG’s Facebook presence from 0 to over 180,000. The majority of the audience is younger than 45.

Over 60% of the audience is either in a relationship (not engaged) or single. They are also more likely to engage more on social posts over the average Facebook user.

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