Centesimus Annus Pro Pontifice

How CAPP-USA utilized social media to inform Catholics in key industries about Catholic Social Teaching and its application to real life topics.

Program Highlights

  • Achieved over 1.2 million impressions across both LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Grew the owned audience from 0 to over 3k professionals.
  • Had over 60k engagements.
  • Over 30k link clicks to the CAPP website to learn more about Catholic Social Teaching and related topics.
  • Average time on page at 4 mins and 31 secs with an average of 1.32 pages per session.

Catholicism’s “Best Kept Secret” 

CAPP-USA is the American affiliate of the Vatican-based organization, Centesimus Annus Pro Pontifice, which was founded by Pope St. John Paul II. Their mission is to teach the principles of Catholic Social Teaching to lay Catholic Leaders. They hired Yellow Line Digital to help unlock their message across digital media in order to reach the right audience. 

In one year, we have developed their brand, launched their website, and established how to communicate their sophisticated message in a digital age. 

Reaching Lay Catholic Leaders 

To reach influential “Lay Catholic Leaders”, we identified ten industry groups: entertainment, fashion, manufacturing, finance, law, politics, marketing, technology, human resources, and medicine. Starting on LinkedIn, we targeted ads to professionals based on their job title and affiliation with Catholic groups on the platform. By targeting professionals in Catholic groups, we were able to ensure that we were getting the right people to see CAPP’s message.

Using the traffic from LinkedIn, we created a look-alike audiences for Facebook. This enabled us to target industry professionals on Facebook more accurately.

Timeless Teaching in a Modern Age

We unlocked Catholic Social Teaching by making it accessible through striking and engaging content. The campaign included the production of a new brand logo, font, and colors, as well as a new website, live-action video, multiple motion graphic animations, infographics, static graphics, and GIFs.

To create this content, we drew on the monumental history of the Vatican with the intimate and humble work of CAPP’s members in the world. Telling this multi-layered story through imagery was a satisfying challenge. The right image really can speak 1,000 words, visit CAPP’s site to see how:

Real World Applications

As we continue to explore Catholic Social Teaching with our desired industry professionals, we introduce new topics and world issues. This invites them back to continue to learn more and engage in the topic.

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