The Audience Maintenance Plan

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Not everybody needs, or can afford, our comprehensive KPI driven funnel programs; but, these days, if you don’t have a digital presence, you don’t exist. With our Audience Maintenance Plan, you can at least exist in the minds of your audience.

Reachable Audience – We take the time to understand who you want to reach, and we set up ad accounts to be able to get into their newsfeeds when you are ready.

Sustainable Posting – We establish the minimum posting schedule for up to 3 platforms to allow anyone who visits to see that you are real and active.

Community Pulse – We establish a Community Management Policy and monitor your community for you.


  • Up to 3 Channels activated
  • Reachable Audience Report
  • Up to 25 posts per month per channel
  • Content Management Platform
  • Promotion Drip – $200 per month for promoted posts and/or Fan Growth.
  • Key Event – $500 per Quarter for a content rich post that anchors some or all of the other posts for the month.

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We’ll help you decide the right post mix
for your chosen channels to maximize
the value of your digital presence.
Depending on your platform choices,
your total number of posts will vary.

We will generate a report that includes
your audience profile and the number
of people that can be reached on the
channels you chose.

We’ll set up a HeyOrca account so
you have the opportunity to review
all posts before they are published.
You determine how much oversight
you want, and we will take it from

Choose up to 3 channels where you
want to be present from:
● Facebook (4-12 Posts per month)
● Instagram (4-12 Posts per month)
● Twitter (12-25 Posts per month)
● TikTok (1-4 Posts per month)
● LinkedIn (4-12 Posts per month)
● Pinterest (1-4 Posts per month)
● YouTube (1-4 Posts per month)
● Reddit (1-4 Posts per month)
● Custom Channel (TBD)

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